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The Ethics of Boycott 



Our American system of government is based on disagreement. Sides disagree on a course to take, and we vote Ė choose Ė which course to take.

Letís talk about the ethics of what weíre doing.

 We are standing up for free speech (not controlled speech, not hate speech) by exercising OUR free speech in the way of boycotting advertisers on Hate Radio.

 We believe that the Hate Jockeys have the complete right to exercise their free speech in the unemployment line. They just donít have a right to dominate the public airwaves with it.

 Hate Radio isnít free speech anyway. It is commercial speech, and we are exercising our right not to support this form of commerce by refusing to patronize local advertisers.

 It is not THEY who are insulted by us. WE have been insulted by them for long enough. As soon as your friendly local merchant wants to stop insulting you, you would probably like to purchase his/her merchandise. But not while they pay for Hate Radio.

  •  Are we suppressing their free speech? No.

  •  Are we exercising our free speech? Yes.

  •  Do we have a right to spend our money at whatever merchants we choose? Yes.

  •  Do the Hate Jockeys have a right to stay on the air? Yes.

 But if a businessman feels that insulting half of his potential audience every day is going to grow his business, he really ought to have his head examined.

 Hate Radio ought to be commercial suicide for advertisers. We can accomplish that, and put decency back into public discourse on public policy.

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last updated 06 May 2002

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